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DO2 Crystal Spray

DO2 Crystal Spray deodorant

Nature’s own deodorant

You do NOT need aluminum chloride in a deodorant to prevent odors!

DO2 has a mild astringent effect, i.e. it tightens the pores of the skin, preventing perspiration, but at the same time, DO2 allows the skin to breathe and to exude waste products. Consequently, DO2 does not interfere with the natural balance of the body unlike traditionally produced deodorants

DO2 does not contain aluminum chloride, alcohol, perfume or any other chemical additives that can irritate the skin. If you like, you may add your own personal perfume that you know is tolerated by your skin.

Effective for at least 24 hours

DO2 does not discolor your clothes.

The natural alum crystals in DO2 are skin-friendly, disinfecting it, and destroying the bacteria that cause the unpleasant body odor or ”the smell of deodorant” for at least 24 hours.

DO2 comes in a refill bottle, and you can refill it as long as there are still crystals in the bottle, usually between 10-20 times. The DO2-liquid keeps the same concentration until all the crystals are dissolved. This makes it efficient and long-lasting til the last drop!

Use: Fill the bottle with more water as long as there are still crystals in the bottle, so the level is always above the lower end of the little tube on the pump. Shake the bottle before use, and then put the lid back on, or crystals may clog the pump. If this happens, simply put the pump in lukewarm water and pump a few times until pump is cleared.

99.00 SEK