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Bourbon Vanilla Powder, 40g

Bourbon Vanilla Powder, 40g

Organic vanilla powder, 40 grams. Certified organic. No sugar, preservatives, coloring or any other additives. GMO-free.

NB: The content is 40 grams – four times as much as in regular containers in grocery stores. This brings the price per pound down considerably.

Our ground bourbon vanilla contains no sugar or other additives of any kind. Whole ripe pods are ground into a fine powder, resulting in pure ground vanilla pod – nothing else!

The product comes to us from Madagascar via South Africa and Sweden. The product is ground in South Africa. This benefits these local economies and creates jobs.

The vanilla pod is the fruit of a tropical orchid that grows in Madagascar. The pod is about ten inches long and contains black seeds. But it is the whole content that is used as a spice. The Aztecs used vanilla to flavor chocolate, and the Spanish brought it to Europe in the 16th century. Today, Madagascar is the major supplier of quality vanilla, which is the most expensive spice after saffron. It is therefore often substituted with synthetic vanillin – made from rotted spruce – in most industrially manufactured products in the grocery store.

Bourbon Vanilla is called that because it comes from the islands of the Indian Ocean, like Madagascar, the Comori Islands, and Réunion, which was once called Ile Bourbon.

Very long-lasting - half a teaspoon of it equals about one teaspoon of extract.

The vanilla powder is very easy to use. You only need a small amount to achieve a wonderful vanilla flavor. For example, put less than half a teaspoon directly into the coffee grounds before brewing – your coffee gets a luxurious flavor of vanilla. Real vanilla powder is also excellent as a flavor in cookies, ice cream, whipped cream, milk-shake, or wherever you desire a natural vanilla flavor.

Unlike vanilla extract, the flavor is not does not go bad when cooking at high temperatures.

You can easily make your own vanilla sugar! Mix brown cane sugar and vanilla powder, grind together in a mortar, and you get an excellent organic vanilla sugar.

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