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Purchase conditions

The following conditions apply to purchases from FriendlyShop over the internet to a customer (called Customer hereafter)

1. Prices

1.1 The price given by FriendlyShop at the time of order is the price that counts. 
1.2 Except for hand delivery in person, there is a surcharge on all orders, due to shipping and/or credit card fees.

2. Payment conditions

Payment is made in any of the given ways.

3. Orders

3.1 Orders can be made only on the web address of FriendlyShop, unless something else is agreed on prior to the order is placed. 
3.2 All communication between FriendlyShop and the Customer is presumed to take place via e-mail. Other than that, only under section 5.1 and 8, no other means are utilized. The Customer is responsible to check his/her order via e-mail. 
3.3 When FriendlyShop confirms the order via e-mail, there is a contract established. FriendlyShop reserves the right to be over-ordered on any products. 
3.4 The Consumer has the right to cancel his/her order, partially or in whole, via e-mail before delivery. Delivery means that the Consumer has received part of or the whole order, or has been notified by the delivery-firm that the order is ready for pick-up.

4. Delivery

During shipment between FriendlyShop and the Consumer, FriendlyShop is responsible for the merchandise's safe delivery. During shipment between the Customer and FriendlyShop, the Customer is responsible for the merchandise's safe delivery.

5. Returns

5.1 The Consumer has the right to return the delivery. The Consumer must notify FriendlyShop about a return within fourteen (14) days from the day the Consumer received the merchandise. Return delivery charges are to be paid by the Consumer.
5.2 A notification of a return must contain these data: a) order date, b) name of the product/s to be returned.
5.3 Returned merchandise must be unbroken, unused and undamaged. 
5.4 If the Consumer uses his/her right to a return, FriendlyShop must return the money paid by the Customer, no later than thirty (30) days after FriendlyShop has received the return.

6. Complaints

If the Customer has received a different or damaged product, the Consumer must issue a complaint to FriendlyShop, and state the matter of concern. Erroneous product/s shall be exchanged free of charge, according to instructions given per instance by FriendlyShop. Returns shall not be delivered COD, and only after a complaint is issued.

7. Damage

Except for what is mentioned above, FriendlyShop has no responsibility for errors and/or delays, and is not responsible for any damage caused thereby, direct or indirect.

9. Other

After the Consumer has placed an order, FriendlyShop has no right to alter the conditions for him/her.

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